Kari and his best friend Miska the Samoyed

Kari and his best friend Miska the Samoyed.

Professional Life

I’m an enthusiastic Cloud and Clojure developer working at Metosin (see also: My First Weeks at Metosin!). Before Metosin I had a long corporate career at the Tieto Corporation where I worked in various roles, the last role being a Cloud Mentor.

Cloud badges

I have done work in all major clouds, though most of my experience is with AWS. I have the following cloud certifications:

I have experience creating cloud infra code using Terraform and Pulumi and cloud native tools like CloudFormation.

My Social Media Sites:

Software as a Hobby

I do various cloud and Clojure exercises in my free time mostly to learn new cloud related technologies and programming practices. I’m especially thrilled with Clojure - the main reason I decided to leave my long corporate career and join Metosin. Even though Clojure is my favorite programming language, I have used e.g. C, C++, Java, Python, Javascript and Clojure in production, and used e.g. Go and Kotlin in my pet projects (if you are interested how I feel about those languages you might like to read Five Languages - Five Stories)

I write new blog articles regarding my latest exercises, and also about interesting technologies I have had a chance to use in my day job.


When I’m off duty I like to walk with Miska in the Helsinki Central Park.

Some pictures taken from our trips.

Kari and Miska

Kari and Miska in Haltiala fields.

Kari and Miska and kickbike

Kari and Miska starting another trip with Kickbike. Miska knows we usually go to a dog park in Pitkäkoski and he pulls the whole trip there with excitement.

Miska in Winter

Miska in the local forest in wintertime.

Miska portrait

Miska’s official portrait in our fireplace room.