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IntelliJ IDEA and Cursive

Clojure Reitit Exploration in the IntelliJ IDEA / Cursive IDE.


At Metosin we use our own libraries quite a lot in our projects - therefore a good reason to learn to use these libraries. For learning to use the reitit library I used it in my Clojure SimpleServer exercise. In this blog post I use my previous re-frame exercise as an example - the exercise can be found in my Clojure repo, in directory re-frame.

What is Reitit?

Kari Marttila

reitit is a Clojure/Script library for routing. TODO.

If you are interested to learn more about reitit I list below some resources I used myself:

Why Routing?

TODO: Other Routing libraries

There are TODO major routing libraries in the Clojure ecosystem:

Using Reitit

TODO: tähän esimerkki re-frame harjoituksen routes.

TODO: tähän routing server namespacesta!

Malli with Reitit

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TODO: näytä, miten se määritetään re-frame routes-osassa.

TODO: Tähän kuva swaggerista ja

Reitit Performance

TODO: some graph here.



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